Our new canal boating England blog!

Welcome to our new blog pages for canal boating England…. full of interesting news… holiday offers… and much more I hope as we get going 🙂

Canal boating holidays with Andersen Boats, a family business for over 40 years. We want you to have an amazing time on a canal adventure… so we offer narrowboat holidays on some of the best canal routes in England and North Wales. We’re not a typical holiday company, selling holidays… we are a family which aims to give you an experience which is different right from the beginning. Over 40 years of experience gained… giving you the best in boats, routes and an experience which is completely different from the everyday world.

We want to keep you up to date with events & canal boating news, share ideas and just make sure we can get you excited about what our canals in Britain have to offer… they are amazing and we would love for you to see that for your self… on one of our narrow boats of course! 🙂

Middlewich Folk & Boat - Canal boating England

Middlewich Rose Queen cruising in our Fjord Duchess through Middlewich Big Lock… Canal boating England at it’s best…..

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