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Andersen Boats... 40 years of making magical holidays!

Andersen Boats a family company Andersen Boats is a family run business, run by the one family over 3 generations. Boating is in our blood... we were founded by Johan Fredrik Andersen, a Norwegian boat builder, in the early 1970's in Middlewich on a plot of land by a canal. Since, then we have grown, starting with only 2 boats and now maintaining a fleet of 16 boats. We build and maintain all our own boats, so we have actually had many different boats over the years with the same names... below you can see a video of the first Bergen Fjord in the mid 1970's, please note this was the 1970's so do not copy what they are doing :-), and a picture of the first Oslo Fjord going out on our very first Andersen Boats holiday!

Andersen Boats a family company Because we have run our company as one family for all these years, we have huge amounts of experience in making holidays you will love. We want one thing... for you to come back loving our canals, and our boats ;-). When we started this company we picked one of the best starting points to access a wide range of amazing routes in England and Wales... we want you to see them with us.

Andersen Boats Middlewich Canal Boating Holiday Brochure
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